Management Maps Incorporated

Troubled Project Recovery

Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects

We are customer advocates working on your side...

We have experience as customers and as employees of Partner firms working on software implementation projects. We know the expectations and processes of both sides of the implementation team. Utilizing our consulting services usually results in higher ROI, functionality, and lower costs by holding the two organizations accountable to meet deliverables rather than just billable hours.

Management Maps offers “Health Check” Assessments of ongoing implementations where you are seeing delays, incomplete business processes and software development, integration and data migration issues that usually means large dollars and time wasted preventing ROI.

Recent engagements resulted in bringing a team together to get to Go-Live in fourteen weeks where the previous consulting organization spent seven months resulting in only one user of a company of four hundred users actually touching the keyboard to enter a customer.

We bring together a team of highly experienced consulting and development resources where we have all worked together in highly successful projects. Knowing the capabilities of each other results in an overall better solution than the typical one-off team put together by other firms.

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